Our Mission:

To offer passenger transport services by land and correlated activities with a qualified staff and high technology standards, being recognized as “Best for travelling” and “Best for delivering”.

Corporate Values:

Our company is led by different values that give sense to our actions.

Responsibility: We fullfill the commitments of our internal and external customers, being responsible for our actions. We perform tasks dutifully and with high quality levels.

Quality: We are “best for travelling” and “best for delivering” due to our excellent service, our continuous improvement and the skills of our people.

Respect: We concern about the gentle treatment to our customers, employees, society, law and environment.

Commitment: Our mission is our guide that encourages participation in a creative and kind environment. We feel proud of being part of Flota Occidental.



Historical Review:

In 1954, in the scenic village of Quinchía, Risaralda, Mr Eduardo Ramirez, a 25 year old young entrepreneur, begins his activity by dispatching the “chiva” or scale bus to the different villages of Caldas and Risaralda. Just like this, a small company named Caldasmar is created, moving passengers throughout the rising roads of the country. Furthermore, Caldasmar changes its name to Flota Occidental, a company that starts growing simultaneously as the Colombian roads development, expanding its routes to the villages of the departments of Chocó, Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and Antioquia. The company moves its headquarter office to Pereira, and increases its bus fleet. Due to his strength and dedication, Mr Eduardo becomes the CEO of the company, receiving as well different awards from political, gremial and government organizations.
In the year 2002, the outstanding entrepreneur gives to his son, Diego Eduardo Ramírez, the leadership of the company, who as the new CEO dares to assume the challenges of the new millennium. Since then, Flota Occidental has strengthened as a company leader in transportation of passengers, improving its processes, training its staff, modernizing its bus fleet, investing in technology, and working every day for being the “best for travelling” and “best for delivering”.

Quality Policy:

To offer passenger transportation services with high quality standards, comfort, safety, and opportunity, committed with improving continuously to satisfy the needs and expectations of all the interested.

Beritas Flota Occidental